1972 BB Convertible in Atomic Orange Color

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Re: 1972 BB Convertible in Atomic Orange Color

Post by vito » Nov 26th, 2016 6:19 pm

Well finally had some time this weekend.

This is a bearing splitter. It grabs the bearing from the backside, neat tool and cheap.


Here is a mock up of the driver's side. Note the shim below the top bearing.

Tools set up.

Ready to check.


Meter zeroed in.

I used the thickest shim first to measure the end play knowing it was too thick. And it was. Unfortunately the picture didn't turn out showing the end play.


This is the 0.133 shim. I can live with this. Also note that this is done as a mock up. I can only assume that the measurement will change a bit once the outer bearing is pressed onto the spindle.

Unfortunately the passenger side was at the end of the limit at 0.008. So now I need to sand the shim down, great way to loose your fingerprints :ack: