Replacing engine mounts

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Re: Replacing engine mounts

Post by MW79 » Apr 10th, 2015 7:59 am

So transmission and engine mount replaced without too much drama.

Engine mounts were the prothane units - no obvious interlocking mechanism.

Vibration when pulling away was gone so initially very happy.

Left vehicle idling in driveway for ten minutes while I locked the house before going for a longer test drive.

Then the drama ensued...

About to pull away when the engine cut out and smoke started rising from the hood and in through the dash vents!

Jumped out and ran for the garden hose. Fortunately when I opened the hood the smoke had abated, there was no obvious source or damage.

Had to get a flight to Tasmania a couple of hours later so my wife stood by with the fire extinguisher and garden hose while I restarted and put into the shed!

I think the source must have been some overheating electrics to explain initial engine cut out but I could not be sure it was not steam from sprayed coolant. No apparent fuel, coolant or oil leaks.

Any ideas?