L-88 Garage Find

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L-88 Garage Find

Post by Decadence88 » Dec 13th, 2020 7:57 pm

Hey everyone - new here. Recently had a death in the family, while sorting through some junk in the garage I stumbled upon what looks like an old project that never came to fruition. I know the family member had a 1968 Corvette, but sold it many years ago. I've found what I believe to be all the parts for an L-88 Build? Hoping for some confirmations on my suspicions - attached are some pics along w/ some #'s and info I found with everything.

Aluminum Heads (Pair - Look New) - Stamped 3946074 - Dated 7/11/74 and 5/14/73. L-88 Heads?

Transmission - (Looks new) - Stamped 3088336 - Believe to be M-21 Muncy?

Block - (Looks New) - Stamped 4015445 - Crated. Found small stamp on it stating Burkett Racing Engines Dover NC. Pistons stamped 3947886GM , Index card inside the crate says Magnafluxed free of cracks, Lunati Double Valve Springs, Valve spring heigh 1.875 "125lbs" closed seat pressure, 3/8 valve stem intake 2.19 exhaust 1.88, Chrome Moly retainers and locks, 3/8 umbrella valve stem seals comp cams.

Camshaft - (Looks New) Hard to make out stamp, but believe it is stamped 3928911

Water Pump (New) stamped 19168602

Hoping to get some confirmation that this is in fact a L-88 build - much appreciated to all!