1972 BB Convertible in Atomic Orange Color

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Re: 1972 BB Convertible in Atomic Orange Color

Post by vito » Apr 21st, 2017 7:14 pm

This compressor is an open type, meaning that the crankshaft protrudes through the housing and is external driven. I have had this in a bag since I removed it to keep it clean and somewhat air tight. The compressor didn’t mount correctly last time so I am going to figure out why.


This is what the front brackets look like. Notice that I am missing the rear compressor ear. This means that I need to rotate the compressor. But which way? The oil fill plug cannot go lower than 3 or 9 o-clock. So do yourself a favor and put it on the fender side. This will make adding oil easier.


Oil fill to the outside, and the suction service valve will mount to the top rear.


After I mounted the front and rear brackets the problem was obvious.


And here is the problem. You need the correct length spacers. The compressor pulley needs to be inline with the other pulleys.


I measured all the spacers and this is what I found.

Large spacer. Design length: 1.875, actual length: 1.770
Small spacer. Design length: 0.680. actual length: 0.650

so off to the store.... :bang: