71 Sees Daylight After 21 Years!

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Tell us about your Corvette: 1971 Coupe that's been in the family since new. Was "stored" in a shed in New England for22 years. Even though I have limited knowledge and experience, I'm doing a body off restoration. Standby for many questions!
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71 Sees Daylight After 21 Years!

Post by nwav8tor » Dec 4th, 2010 11:36 pm

Hi Guys,

Well, I've actually gone and done it! I flew across the country to New England and got my vette out of the shed after 21 years. It should be picked up a week from Monday and transported to me out in WA by Christmas...Woo Hoo! :cheers:

She looks every bit of her unrestored age, but not too bad after sitting so long.


Had some problems getting her out of the shed since the tranny was stuck in reverse, but with my BIL's help, we got her out after a few hours work. Front wheels rolled fine, but so far no luck on the rears. Finally got the tranny into neutral (I think) but the left rear wheel still doesn't rotate. I'm guessing that the brake is stuck.

*** Any suggestions for freeing it up so she'll be able to be rolled into the transport trailer van?? ***

I'll post more photos when I get home.

Thanks for any ideas,