Removing the front clip

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Tell us about your Corvette: 1974 base model. Mostly original but far from perfect. Been working on it for better part of 7 years. Body has been removed from chassis, chassis repaired and restored. Working on the mechanicals of the chassis as time/money allows.
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Re: Removing the front clip

Post by ktruff46 » Oct 11th, 2014 10:45 pm

Ok, here are my questions of the week.
I have been turning wrenches for 40 years but I am a newbie when it comes to bodywork, especially fiberglass. I am to the point where I start gluing everything back together (well almost there) and what I need to know is this.
I hear everyone talking about Lord Fusor adhesives and bonding adhesives and I think I get the idea on the how, but what about the where? As in "where do I go locally to buy this stuff"? I live in a pretty large area outside of L.A. So finding the places shouldn't be a problem. Can I find them at NAPA stores, local automotive paint supply stores? I have seen fiberglass matting and resins at Home Depot, are they the same stuff and will they work for a Vette body?
Also I have noticed that some of the panels and bonding strips are a shiny grey press molded glass and others have the fiber strands showing, as in the floor boards and rear interior storage areas. Will resins made for SMC panels work with hand laid/blown glass? I know that regular resins for hand laid won't work with SMC. I have heard they won't stick.
I really need some help here and I figured who better to ask than the experts here on the forum!