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72 Frame Off Kings Mountain, NC. Hiya

Posted: May 1st, 2017 7:27 pm
by ArtGle
I already have a C5 coupe that I've been driving the hell outta for a few years now.
Bangor Maine to Key West, Boston to Virginia Beach and D.C..
Most of the northeast quarter of the US over the past 4 years.
Imagine Boston to Brattleboro, Vt. for a cup of coffee, just because. That's how it is with a Corvette.

I'm here because I've finally landed another Chrome Bumper Beauty.
1972, Numbers Matching, all original, Coupe. Small block, Auto, and desperately needing my LOVE.
Right now, the nose hangs from the ceiling out in the shop, most of the rest of the car is in boxes, drawers, shelves, in the corner of the shop.
Frame is currently a 'roller', so I can put it out of the way while I strip the body apart to access the entire birdcage.
Engine and transmission currently sitting on a roll around cart.
All harnesses are good and boxed for now.
Headlights are going to be fun, rebuilding eventually.
Just bought a Saddle Tan interior for her, shipped today.
This is my first 'SERIOUS' take apart and rebuild down to almost nothing Corvette.
But, as I have no intention of ever selling 'HER', I'm happy as a clam.
Looking forward to making everyone here NUTZ with all my questions.